Murphy Woodhouse

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Senior Field Correspondent - Hermosillo

Born and raised in the Intermountain West, Murphy Woodhouse has called southern Arizona home for most of the last decade. He’s one of two field correspondents at KJZZ’s Hermosillo bureau, where his reporting focuses on the trade relationship between Arizona, Sonora and the rest of Mexico.

Before joining the station, Murphy was a reporter at the Arizona Daily Star and the Nogales International. Prior to his reporting career, he completed a master’s degree at the University of Arizona’s Center for Latin American Studies and did three wildfire seasons with the Snake River Hotshots. He’s a proud graduate of the University of Montana’s School of Journalism.

When he’s not reporting, Murphy is often out in the woods running or riding singletrack, or swinging in a hammock with a book.

Title Author(s) Publication Date
Trump’s Tariff Threat Adds to Mexican Produce Duty Woes Murphy Woodhouse May 31, 2019
Trump Threatens Sanctions, Demands Migration Crackdown Murphy Woodhouse, Lauren Gilger May 31, 2019
Tensions Raised Over Mexican Tomato Imports Lauren Gilger, Murphy Woodhouse May 30, 2019
Mexican Growers Make New Tomato Offer; Florida Growers Unmoved Murphy Woodhouse May 23, 2019
Major Sonoran Union Threatens July General Strike Murphy Woodhouse May 21, 2019
After Agreement Ends, Mexican Tomato Growers Sue U.S. Murphy Woodhouse May 14, 2019
Ground Broken On New Hermosillo Consulate Murphy Woodhouse May 13, 2019
On Mother’s Day, Sonorans March For Missing Families Murphy Woodhouse May 13, 2019
U.S. Scraps Tomato Deal Murphy Woodhouse, Steve Goldstein May 7, 2019
Even With Tomato Agreement, Some Duties Likely Still Coming Murphy Woodhouse May 6, 2019
Construction Underway On Cross-Border Pipeline Expansion Murphy Woodhouse May 3, 2019
U.S.-Mexico Tomato Import Deal Negotiations Latest Row In Decades-Long Fight Murphy Woodhouse April 24, 2019
Report: New NAFTA Would Bring Growth, Employment Gains Murphy Woodhouse April 19, 2019
Largest Mass Grave In Recent Memory Found In Sonora Murphy Woodhouse April 15, 2019
As Hermosillo Grows At Edges, Some See A Future In The Center Murphy Woodhouse April 15, 2019
1st Fentanyl Lab Found In NW Mexican State Sinaloa Murphy Woodhouse April 12, 2019
Untold Arizona: 50 Years Later, The Memory Of 3 Flooded Sonoran Pueblos Lives On Murphy Woodhouse April 10, 2019
With Duties Looming, Nogales Importers Hope For New Tomato Deal Murphy Woodhouse April 10, 2019
Coyotas — The Pastry That Crosses Borders Murphy Woodhouse, Matthew Casey April 4, 2019
First Sunday Without Commercial Inspections Comes Amid Peak Nogales Import Season Murphy Woodhouse April 3, 2019
Border Towns 'Can’t Afford' To Ignore Trump Shutdown Threat Murphy Woodhouse March 29, 2019
U.S. Hopes To Work With Central America To Slow Migration Murphy Woodhouse March 26, 2019
Sonoran AG: Journalist’s Work Not At Play In Murder Murphy Woodhouse March 22, 2019
Ford Plant In Hermosillo, Sonora, To Build Utility Van Murphy Woodhouse March 21, 2019
3 Men Found Shot To Death In San Carlos Outskirts Murphy Woodhouse March 20, 2019