A prime piece of real estate in downtown Phoenix is under the microscope. City leaders are exploring what to do with the South Building of the Convention Center. Meetings to gather public input have been taking place over the summer, and public tours were held Wednesday.
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Barrow Institute Study Finds Growing Fear Of Concussion Among Teens, Parents
A new survey conducted by the Barrow Neurological Institute shows an increasing awareness among respondents of the dangers of contact sports.
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DEA: More Than A Million Fentanyl Pills Seized In Arizona This Year
More than a million fentanyl pills have been seized in Arizona this year, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.
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Wells Fargo Agrees To Pay Navajo $6.5 Million Settlement
The Navajo Nation announced Thursday that it has settled a lawsuit with Wells Fargo Bank over predatory practices that targeted Navajo people. Under the terms of the settlement, Wells Fargo will pay the Navajo Nation $6.5 million.
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Too Many Trees: Forest Service Re-Ups Efforts To Find Contractors
The U.S. Forest Service is offering up one of the largest Requests for Proposals in the history of the agency in an attempt to make real progress on the Four Forest Restoration Initiative.
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Arizona Takes Measures To Prevent Chronic Wasting Disease
Arizona’s neighboring states — Utah, Colorado and New Mexico — have all recorded incidents of Chronic Wasting Disease. In an attempt to keep the disease from coming into Arizona, the state’s Game and Fish Department is taking a number of steps.
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A Dead Cat, A Lawyer's Call And A 5-Figure Donation: How Media Fell Short On Epstein
Why did it take some of the nation's biggest news organizations so long to take seriously the accusations against the late Jeffrey Epstein? Allegations about his behavior go back more than a decade.
Did A Hong Kong Tycoon Hide A Protest Message In His Innocuous Newspaper Ads?
The ads by Li Ka-shing, a billionaire known as Hong Kong's richest man, seem to express bland sentiment. But at least one scholar says they secretly sound a note of support for the protest movement.
Tales Of Corporate Painkiller Pushing: 'The Death Rates Just Soared'
Washington Post journalist Scott Higham says recently released evidence shows the drug industry purposely shipped big quantities of opioids to communities without regard for how they were being used.
70 Mayors Reject Trump Food Stamp Proposal, Saying It Puts Kids At Risk
Mayors from 70 American cities send a letter to the Trump administration, saying a plan to push millions of people out of the federal food stamp program would punish some of the country's neediest.
Scientists around the world are working to correct a problem with genetic health information — too much of it is currently based on samples of Europeans.