Arizona health officials are pushing a new curriculum aimed at slowing the opioid overdose epidemic from the medicine prescribing angle. Another way to try and do that is being tested out by resident doctors by training their peers in using some of those same ideas of empathetic pain and addicition treatment.
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The number of days with a heat index higher than 100 degrees in Arizona could more than double by the middle of the century, and the number of days with a heat index higher than 105 could more than quadruple by mid-century.


Immigrant Rights Groups Sue Over Asylum Rule
Immigrant rights groups sued President Donald Trump’s administration over a rule that restricts asylum eligibility on the same day federal officials said they’d start enforcing it.
Phoenix Group Hiring Foster Parents For Migrant Kids
Federal authorities say more than 60,000 migrant children have shown up alone at the U.S.-Mexico border since Oct. 1, 2018. A local organization is hiring foster parents to help care unaccompanied kids.
Kirkpatrick: House Must Open Trump Impeachment Proceedings
Arizona Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick calls for the House of Representatives to open an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.
Voters Will Decide If Tucson Becomes A Sanctuary City
Voters in Tucson will decide in November whether the city will become Arizona’s first "sanctuary city." The term sanctuary city has long been a nuanced one. In Tucson, it will mean just how much local law enforcement can work with federal immigration agents to enforce federal law.
Kelly Talks Space Exploration On 50th Anniversary Of Moon Launch
Astronaut and U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly took to Facebook Live on Tuesday to reflect on his career, the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch and the future of space exploration.

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U.S. Sanctions Senior Myanmar Generals Over Rohingya 'Ethnic Cleansing'
"The United States is the first government to publicly take action with respect to the most senior leadership of the Burmese military," the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday.
Future Of Key Farming Research Uncertain As 2/3 Of USDA Staff Say They Won't Move
The mandatory move imposed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on most of the workers at two vital research agencies has been criticized as a "blatant attack on science."
Researchers Search For Reasons Why Women's Alzheimer's Risk Is Higher Than Men's
Scientists are gaining insights into why Alzheimer's is more common in women. The answer involves genetics, hormones and sex-related brain differences.
This Economic Theory Could Be Used To Pay For The Green New Deal
Liberal Democrats have embraced an obscure brand of economics — "modern monetary theory" — to make the case for deficit-financed government programs like the Green New Deal for clean energy and jobs.
Lawmakers, Advocates Push To Extend Medicare's Coverage Of Kidney Transplant Drugs
People under 65 who get kidney transplants can only rely on Medicare to cover three years of post-transplant treatment. There's a new call to extend coverage for meds that keep the organ functioning.