On Friday, electric car maker Tesla announced massive layoffs across all of its operations. The reason: sales have under-performed as consumers complain about the cost of their electric cars.
APM Reports: King
Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968. Half a century later, King remains one of the most vivid symbols of hope for racial unity in America. But that's not the way he was viewed in the last year of his life.


Budget Would Fund I-17 Expansion With Vehicle Fee
Gov. Doug Ducey’s proposed budget includes $130 million, dispersed over 3 years, to expand Interstate 17.
AZ Native Americans Fight Work Requirement For Medicaid
AZ Tribes pave the way for all federally recognized Native Americans to receive Medicaid services without proof of work or volunteer requirements.
AG Warns Consumers After Massive Data Breech
AZ Attorney General is warning consumers to review and update their online accounts after millions are exposed in "Collection #1" data breech.
AZ High Court Expects To Rule On Religious Rights
State Supreme Court is expected to decide tomorrow whether a Phoenix stationary company can refuse service based on a customers sexual orientation.
Gov. Ducey
Gov. Doug Ducey is proposing an $11.4 billion spending plan for the coming year.

NPR News

Federal regulations for silica dust in coal mines haven't changed in decades. But since an NPR/Frontline report into black lung, some are calling for a new response.
Many residents of the Queensbridge public housing development feel they have not benefited much from the area's booming development. With Amazon, activists are trying to change that story.
A suicide bomber rammed a Humvee loaded with explosives into a compound of the nation's primary intelligence agency, clearing a path for insurgents who started firing on personnel inside.
British lawmakers urged Prime Minister Theresa May on Monday to make changes to her Brexit plans days after they defeated a previous offer.
Carlos Fernando Chamorro's newsroom was raided by police in December. International observers say President Daniel Ortega's government has grown increasingly repressive.