There is a new proposal to transfer water from the Colorado River region to central Arizona. And it’s looking just as controversial as the others. The town of Queen Creek is trying to buy an annual entitlement to 2,083.1 acre-feet of Colorado River water from a farming and investment company that owns land in far west La Paz County, in the Cibola Valley.


NTSB Says Distracted Driver Caused Fatal Uber Crash In Tempe
The National Transportation Safety Board on Tuesday condemned the lack of state and federal regulation for testing autonomous vehicles before finding that a distracted human safety driver was the main cause of a fatal 2018 Arizona crash involving an Uber vehicle.
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Anti-immigration Group Asks To Dismiss Harassment Case
An Arizona anti-immigrant group has asked a U.S. District Court judge to throw out a harassment case against them. Patriot Movement AZ is the larger of two groups accused of harassing churches and volunteers who take in immigrants dropped off by ICE officials.
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AMLO: La Mora Massacre Investigation Receiving ‘Special Attention’
It’s been more than two weeks since nine women and children — all dual U.S. and Mexican citizens - were murdered in rural Sonora by suspected drug cartel members. During a press conference Tuesday morning, Mexico’s president said the investigation is moving forward, but wouldn’t provide details about the case, citing the ongoing investigation.
Lawmakers Seek Grand Bargain For Education Funding
State lawmakers are considering proposals to rethink how public schools are funded. But a solution that can garner the necessary bipartisan support is less than clear, and they'll have to try to strike that bargain even as they weigh additional education needs.
This Week In Arizona History: Nov. 17-23
Did you know that this week in 1930 the Arizona Republic announced the purchase of the Phoenix Gazette? That is one of the many events that happened this week in Arizona history.

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'He Helped Save People And You Killed Him': Iraqi Dad Mourns Son Killed In Protests
"By God, my son did nothing wrong," says Khazaal Salih. His son, Abbas, a medic, was killed while treating a wounded protester. More than 300 Iraqis have been killed during protests in recent weeks.
Former U.K. Consulate Staffer In Hong Kong Says He Was Tortured In Mainland China
Simon Cheng says he spent days blindfolded and strapped to a "tiger chair" as police tried to extract information. He says they accused him of spying. The Chinese government denies Cheng's claims.
WATCH LIVE: Sondland: Ukraine Aid Link Reflected Trump's 'Desires And Requirements'
The U.S. ambassador to the European Union also said he kept Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other senior State Department officials abreast of his contacts with Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.
As Oil Prices Drop And Money Dries Up, Is The U.S. Shale Boom Going Bust?
The boom that helped make the U.S. the world's largest oil producer could be ending. Oil prices are down amid weak demand, and investors no longer seem willing to write the industry a blank check.
What The Site Of The Democratic Debate Says About Georgia, Role Of Black Voters
Atlanta's Tyler Perry Studios has been home to Wakanda, the White House and The Walking Dead, but Wednesday it will host its most topical production yet: the next Democratic presidential debate.